What To Do When Your Basement Is Flooded When your basement is flooded you can feel so desperate and not know what to do. But you need to do something otherwise you will have a soaked up carpet water stains all over mold and mildew growing and giving off nasty odors and you might even need to repair a crack in the foundation. Water damage is serious. Early spring is a favorite time for the basement to flood for a variety of reasons. Some of our regular clients would have extensive basement flooding every few years even though they had taken extensive measures to prevent it. Ice build-up in the spring can prevent water from soaking into the ground. If it rains heavily on top of this ice barrier (and we all know Portland can get pretty wet) you will almost certainly get some carpet wood or even foundation water damage. The problem can come from both sides of the house and it can be very difficult to permanently repair. As a consequence you may have to use high quality basement floor paint after things settle down. This will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If you do nothing it is almost certain that your house will suffer from mold infestation which is very unhealthy. Obviously when you have water in the basement you need to stop the source as soon as possible. Once this is taken care of you can address the damage and find a way to prevent it from happening again. Well help you with this. The main thing to have in mind is that more severe cases will almost definitely require a professional to deal with your situation. It may be just too difficult and risky for you to DIY. Anyway knowing about the following subjects will certainly help you regardless of the route you take. Heres What You Will Learn: French Drains Foundation Cracks Carpet Damage Lets start! French Drains A good solution is to use French drains around the foundation. This is an inexpensive and simple solution to a big problem. You can do this yourself though you need to consider how much time and strength you have to put in. It does involve a lot of shallow digging and some grunt work but it is really not that hard. The drain runs the perimeter of the house and can effectively stop a great deal of basement flooding. The water just does not have a chance to get past the French drains. This was the solution in one of our team members friends cases and his water damage in the basement stopped completely. His total investment was very minimal and he even enjoyed the physical work. He said: I even used some cave-man technology to move some very heavy stones using pipes and boards. Foundation Cracks If you have a foundation crack from the water take care of it ASAP. These cracks only get worse with time. Once they reach a certain size they tend to get bigger very quickly. You many need to do some excavating to take the pressure off the wall before you can fix it. A patch will do almost nothing because the cause is still there. Foundation damage can outgrow your DIY capabilities very quickly. Youll likely require professional assistance with this. Carpet Damage Unfortunately you most likely will need to get rid of the carpet if it has a lot of water damage. You can try to simply hang it outside in the sun for several days to see if the water evaporates and there is no mold or mildew. If there is you can try some commercial applications such as the ones you find at a hardware store or carpet store. Ammonia and water could work for you. Basement Water Damage Restoration Portland OR All of this sounds like too much work? Or even dangerous? Its because it is. Basement water damage is a hard issue to fix and youll likely need a professional to help you out. For basement water damage restoration in Portland OR call Precise Water Damage Restoration of Portland now. Besides basement water damage we can help you with: Water removal Sewage cleanup Flood damage restoration Fire damage restoration More helpful articles: Is Water Damage Covered By Insurance in Portland How Does Water Damage Restoration Work Tips to Deal with Water Damage at Your Home Call us now at 1 (971) 299-2417! The post What To Do When Your Basement Is Flooded appeared first on Water Damage Restoration Portland OR. via Water Damage Restoration Portland OR https://ift.tt/YN4LJQ3